Do I really need a partner to take Social ?

YES! You cannot register for Social I, Social II or Dance Club without a partner. You can take Perfectly Social Manners Class without a partner.

What happens if my partner quits or moves during the year?

Please contact our office if this situation arises.

If my partner needs to miss class should I still come?

YES! You should still come without your partner unless you plan to attend a make-up class. If you come to class without a partner, you will dance with another student whose partner is absent or with a Cotillion Club member.

What do I do if I do not have a partner or lose my partner for the next year?

Call our office, 706-855-1990. In April of each year we will start taking names of children who need partners. We do not match students but we do give out names and phone numbers of students looking for partners.

Can I pick what night I want my child to attend?

We assign the students by Social year and school. If your child can not attend the night we assign them you can request a specific class if it is not full.

Does my partner have to go to my school?

NO. Your partner can attend a different school. Typically we put the couple on the night of the boy’s school if that night is agreeable.

What does a Cotillion Club member have to do?

A Cotillion Club member is assigned an entire evening of Social classes, 2-3, that they are the leaders and help assist when a student needs help.

When can I apply for Cotillion Club?

You can apply for Cotillion Club once you have completed Social I, Social II and Dance Club. Applications will be available at the March and April Dance Clubs or the Social office.

Can I apply for Cotillion Club even if my partner does not want to apply?

Yes! Cotillion Club is an individual application process. Once you have applied and been extended an invitation to join Cotillion Club, we will assign the partners after several mandatory practices held in August of each year. If you and your partner receive invitations and would like to stay together you can make that know in August.

Do you have to have taken Dance Club to apply for Cotillion Club?


If I apply for Cotillion Club but do not get invited to join, can I apply again?

YES. You will need to take Dance Club again and then reapply the following year. We can assist you if you have lost your partner.

How can you become a Lead Cotillion member?

You must apply for Lead. The application will be available at the March Dance Club or in the Cotillion office after that until Spring Formal.

Do girls have to wear gloves to all classes and dances?

Yes, girls are required to wear white wrist gloves to all classes except the Perfectly Social Manners Class. 1st and 2nd year girls wear short white gloves to Christmas Dance and Spring Formal, Dance Club girls can wear short or long, white or colored gloves to Christmas Dance and Spring Formal.  Gloves are available for purchase at Social during office hours or before class. $5/pair.

What does Social attire mean?

Social attire means sport coat and tie or suit and tie for gentlemen and leather bottom dress shoes but not boots. Social attire for ladies means a knee length dress or skirt. Shoes can be low heels or flats but must have a back like a pump or a strap. No open toe shoes or sandals, no flip flops, boots, Uggs. Many girls wear character shoes like our Cotillion Club girls. They can be purchased at Spirit Dancewear or online.  social-handbook-digital-version


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