2020-2021 Schedules subject to change due to Covid-19

Using the links below you can access your child’s schedule at any time or print the pdf if you prefer.  Each year approximately a month before class starts, we email a letter with your child’s class assignment and schedule for the entire year.  While the schedule may change due to an unexpected increase/decrease in enrollment, we will do our best to leave it unchanged.  Classes for Social I and II are determined by the school of the male. If it is not at all possible to attend the boys night you can request a different class that both must agree upon.  Please include that information on the “other/comments”  section of the online registration or on the traditional form if you are mailing.  If at anytime during the year your child knows of a conflict in advance and will miss class, your child may attend a different class to make up what they missed.  Please call the office to confirm which class they can attend.  This applies if they miss due to illness as well.



Augusta Class Schedules

Aiken Classes Schedules

Dance Club Schedule - All Schools


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