Our classes are held at the following locations:

Augusta  – Social Studio, 3157 Washington Rd. in the center of the Goodwill Complex( corner of Washington Rd. and Furys Ferry)

Waynesboro – 1st Liberty Market, 107 7th St.

Aiken  – Fermata Club, 841 Whiskey Rd.

CLASS INFORMATION Choose your class and download a PDF class schedule

Dance Club Schedule

Monday Social  I – 7:15

Mon. II – 8:30

Tues. A – 6:45

Tues. A – 8:15

Tues. B – 6:45

Tues. B – 8:15

Wed. I – 6:00

Wed. I – 7:15

Wed. II – 8:30

Thur. A – 6:45

Thur. A – 8:15

Thur. B – 6:45

Thur. B – 8:15


Aiken I – 7:00

Aiken II – 8:30


Waynesboro I – 7:15

Waynesboro II – 8:30

Each year we send out letters a month before we start giving you your child’s class schedule and time for the year.  The following information can be used to help you organize your child’s activities.  While it may change due to an unexpected increase/decrease in enrollment, we will do our best to leave it unchanged.

Classes for Social I and II are determined by the school of the male.  If you would like to attend a different class and both agree, please write on the top of your form which class you would like to attend.  Otherwise, we look at his school and place the couple in the appropriate class.  If you know you will have a few dates where you can not attend your regular class, your child may attend a different class to make up what they missed.  When you do this, please make sure they attend the same years class.  Once you know if you are an “A” or “B” class, you can check our calendar to determine which classes are on a particular night.  Remember, classes are every other week.  Classes do fill, so please register early to hold a spot.  Once we reach capacity for a class, you may choose another class which has openings.

Here is our planned class schedule. Sometimes we have to make changes based on numbers.

Social I:

Monday 7:15-8:15 Augusta Prep, All N. Augusta Schools, begins Sept.12

Wednesday 6-7 St. Marys, Alleluia, Thomson Schools, begins Sept. 7

Wednesday 7:15-8:15 SIMS, begins Sept. 7

Thursday “A” 645-745 Evans, Greenbrier, Columbia Middle, Harlem Middle, begins Sept.8

Thursday “A” 8:15-9:15  EDS/Davidson Fine Arts/Curtis Baptist begins Sept. 8

Thursday “B” 6:45-7:45 Riverside, SIMS begins Sept. 15

Thursday “B” 8:15-9:15 Westminster, Augusta Christian, Lakeside, Home School begins Sept. 15

Waynesboro I 7:15-8:15  all Waynesboro and Millen Schools, begins Sept. 19

Aiken I 7-8 All Aiken Schools, begins Sept. 28

Social II:

Monday  8:30  Augusta Prep and all N. Augusta Schools, begins Sept. 12

Tuesday “A” 6:45-7:45 EDS, Davidson, Curtis Baptist begins Sept.6

Tuesday “A” 8:15-9:15 Evans, Greenbrier, Riverside, Columbia Middle begins Sept. 6

Tuesday “B” 6:45-7:45 Westminster, Augusta Christian, Lakeside, Home School begins Sept. 13

Tuesday “B” 8:15-9:15 SIMS begins Sept. 13

Wednesday  8:30-9:30 St. Marys, Alleluia, All Thomson begins Sept. 7

Waynesboro II 8:30-9:30 begins Sept. 19

Aiken II 8:30-9:30  All Aiken Schools, begins Sept. 28



Social is not a “graded” instruction…
it is about helping young people
become their best selves.

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